Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.1.1

Lots of new content, changes and improvements!


Lots of new content, changes and improvements!


-Added 2 new levels: Cabin and Sam

-Added a new boss: Sam

-Added a new item: Vending Machine

-Vending Machines can only be used once per level and can spawn a variety of opportunity weapons

-Vending machines also have a small chance of spawning an enemy

-Added vending machines in most levels

-Added a new opportunity weapon: katana

-Katanas kill enemies from close range and deal a lot of damage

-In order to keep using the katana you have to keep damaging enemies before the opportunity timer runs out

-The the more the Dunk-O-Meter is filled the faster you swing the katana

-The player can automatically deflect bullets from a distance using the katana simply by looking at the incoming bullet

-Katanas can currently only spawn from vending machines

-Added a new opportunity item: Dunk-O-Boost

-Upon picking up a Dunk-O-Boost it is instantly consumed and grants the player a full Dunk-O-Meter

-Added a new opportunity weapon: Assault Rifle

-Added a new prediction sphere when aiming and when the Dunk-O-Meter is full to show that shows the explosion's radius

-Added new fps throwing animations

-Added new fps grappling hook animations

-Added new fps melee animations

-Added different third person grappling hook animations for multiplayer

-Added an animation for the 180 wall climb parkour move

-Added 2 new challenges

-Added a new interaction system to remove unintentional pickups and activations

-Added a new interact key binding (default key: 'E')

-The player now has to hold the interaction key for 0.1s to pickup any opportunity weapons

-Removed the setting: automatically grab enemy weapons

-Added a more realistic shadow system, the shadow is no longer headless and plays proper third person animations instead of first person animations

-Added a new dynamic air falling sound and music system

-Added a new dynamic 3D speedline system

-Added new weapon models and animations for enemies and for the player

-Added new pickup, grab and equip animations

-The player can now aim their shield a little better shield to allow for better vision

-Added new stylized and smooth explosion and fire particles


-Every single player animations has been reworked

-Hitting a stunned enemy with a melee attack now kills them

-The player can no longer collide with stunned enemies to ensure momentum doesn't stop

-Adjusted the Desert level layout

-Adjusted the Practice level layout

-Opportunity pistols now have 5 bullets instead of 3

-Assault rifle enemies now drop assault rifles on death instead of pistols

-Fixed a few wrong text descriptions in the game

-Made perspective transitions significantly more smoother

-Removed even more unnecessary assets

-Drastically improved loading time in almost all maps

-Considerably reduced game size (game size reduced by 2.1gb even while adding new content!)

-Dramatically reduced memory usage on almost all maps especially the large ones

-Slightly increased brightness on most maps

-Updated the throwing animation for opportunity items

-Updated the models and sounds of enemies with guns

-The player now properly aligns their body with the floor while sliding

-Slightly changed Dunkina's look

-Enabled sliding in multiplayer


-Fixed a ton of bugs...(too many to add to this list)


-An upcoming permanent Gamemode: Endless Mode

-2 more upcoming permanent Gamemodes that I can't reveal yet

-A whole rework on the challenge system is coming soon

-Grappling Hook Charms

-DLSS and FSR 2.0 support


-Upon loading the game a message about discord pops up simply ignore and close the message, this will be removed in the future!

-Sliding in multiplayer might look fine on the slider's screen but might clip through the ground on other players screens

-Gun physics when dropped behave wrong