Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.1.0

A new chapter and enemy skin system has arrived!


A new chapter and enemy skin system has arrived!


-Added a new chapter: Scorin' And Ballin'
-Added 3 new levels: Industry, Pillars and Desert
-Added a limited time reward (until February 3rd): Lunar Ball Skin, get it in challenges menu
-Added a new skin system for the melee and shooter enemies
-A lot more variety and randomness has been added to enemy skins
-Added a new parkour move: 180 wall jump
-Pressing the quickturn button while wall climbing will cause the player to be launched backwards
-A full Dunk-O-Meter increases the 180 wall jump's strength
-Added 3 new flex/celebrate emotes
-Added a new difficulty menu


-Updated the melee enemy's swing animation and added VFX to it
-Made it a little easier to avoid melee hits from enemies
-Adjusted the mantle's camera shake
-Removed player name tags from multiplayer
-Updated the singleplayer menu layout
-Improved the first person landing animations
-Increased the player's mantle speed
-Slightly decreased the mantle speed boost gained by a full Dunk-O-Meter
-Adjusted the grappling gun animations during climbing and mantling
-Removed a lot of unnecessary files and assets reducing file size and improving loading time
-Adjusted the look of the player's main UI and made it react to the player's speed


-Fixed a few settings and skin loading issues during the start of a level
-Fixed a bug that caused the camera to shake to play twice during a mantle
-Fixed a bug that caused shields to be launched very far after being dropped by a dead shield enemy
-Fixed a bug that cased melee enemies to still attack the player even after getting stunned
-Fixed a bug that caused the player to stand up after ending a slide even if the crouch key was still pressed