Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.0.8

A new boss has arrived, just to get dunked on


Multiplayer is finally here along with a limited time event and rewards!


-Added a new boss: Dunkina
-Added a new level in the Hoopin N Lootin chapter: Dunkina
-Keybindings have been re-enabled
-The player can now melee attack, the default keybind is 'F'
-The player can hit multiple enemies with a melee attack
-If an enemy get hit by a melee attack they get stunned
-Sliding now preserves momentum a little better
-The player can now see how many bullets are left in their pistol and how long before dropping it
-Once a player spawns in multiplayer they are granted with 5 seconds of protection from damage
-Added skydiving trail VFX
-Added basketball trail VFX
-Added smooth grappling hook and pistol animation turning tilt


-Adjusted and improved the animation system for all enemies
-Increased the level bounds on the City map
-A few maps have been adjusted for easier navigation
-Adjusted the Hospital's level layout
-Adjusted the City's level layout
-Adjusted the Station's level layout
-Adjusted the multiplayer lobby's level layout
-Reduced animation leaning that caused a lot of clipping
-Reduced clipping when looking down
-Improved first person animations


-Fixed a bug that caused the grappling gun of lobby characters to disappear
-Fixed a bug that caused the player to clip into themselves while sliding
-Fixed a bug that caused most jump pad animations not to stop while aiming
-Fixed a bug that caused shooter enemy hands to look weird while reloading


-Achievements don't seem to trigger for some reason, I'm working hard on fixing this