Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.0.7

Multiplayer is finally here along with a limited time event and rewards!


Multiplayer is finally here along with a limited time event and rewards!


-Multiplayer is now available in the game!
-2 new multiplayer gamemodes added: Deathmatch and Hoop Race

-Most maps are supported for deathmatch and some are supported for hoop race
-New limited time event: The Dunkmas Event (Decemeber 23rd - January 5th)
-Play the Dunkmas event before it ends and earn limited time rewards

-Added a free gift to collect before the Dunkmas event ends, go to the challenges screen to collect it
-The player can now reduce their collision by crouching mid-air
-Brand new Unreal Engine version updated to v4.27.1 (was 4.24.3)
-Added a new smoother animation system, the gameplay logic remains the same
-New limited time appearance for the main menu, basketball hoops, enemies, shields, boosters, pistols and all levels.
-New main menu music


-Adjusted the main menu layout
-Updated post processing effects on all maps
-Updated exposure settings on all maps
-Adjusted the player body animations
-Adjusted the third person camera
-Adjusted the leaning and acceleration animations


-Fixed a ton of multiplayer bugs
-Fixed a lot of weird animation issues
-Fixed a bug that didn't show your personal records on the level complete screen
-Fixed a few third person bugs

-Fixed a few collision bugs in the Dunkmas Event
-Fixed a bug that caused the Dunkmas event not to once all presents where delivered
-Fixed a bug that caused no music to play during the Dunkmas event.


-Keybinds settings have been temporarily disabled due to bugs with the engine version. I am working hard on re-enabling them as soon as possible.
-Sliding, dribbling and jump pad animations have been disabled in multiplayer.
-The grappling hook rope sometimes doesn't show in multiplayer