Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.0.6

Grapple Hoops Update v1.0.6


Grapple Hoops Update v1.0.6


-Added a new chapter: Hoopin N Lootin
-Added 4 new levels

: Ruins, Village, Lost Island, Castle
-New lighting for the Basic Movement Tutorial and Dunking Range Levels
-Dramatically increased reflections quality across all levels
-Added a new option: Play death animations in first person
-Added a new option: Invisible player model in first person
-Added footstep vfx
-Added new explosion vfx
-Added new player footstep vfx
-Added new enemy footstep vfx
-Added new sliding vfx
-Added basketball impact vfx
-Added new dribbling vfx
-Added new muzzle flash vfx
-Added jump pad vfx


-Basketball Hoops within 100 meters of the player get automatically highlighted (was 25 metres)
-Optimized textures on most maps, slightly increasing performance, improving loading time and reducing game size
-Adjusted the level complete screen
-Made adjustments to the UI
-Adjusted the player animations


-Fixed a bug that caused random throw animations to play after killing shield or shooter enemies
-Fixed a bug that caused the throw animation to play after equipping a shield