Grapple Hoops Patch Notes v1.0.5

New parkour moves, a new boss to fight and much more!



-Added a new mehcanic: Mantling/Climbing
-Press or hold the jump button near a climbable wall to mantle/climb it
-After the mantle is finished, if the forward button is pressed you get a small forward boost
-After the mantle is finished, if the jump button is pressed the player jumps
-Added a new mechanic: Wall Climbing
-While facing a wall and standing near it, hold the jump button to climb it
-While wall climbing, you gain Dunk-O-Meter
-A full Dunk-O-Meter will increase your climbing speed, mantle speed and the boost amount after mantling
-The level complete screen now shows: your global rank, your personal best and the world record for that level
-Added a new level in the Slammin And Jammin Chapter: The Maniac
-Added a new boss: The Maniac
-Added leaderboards for The Maniac level
-Added a new achievement
-Added 3 new challenges
-Added 3 new skins
-New Lighting on the Pyramids, Dungeons, Temples and Houses Maps
-The leaderboards are now accessible from the pause screen


-Updated the skybox in most maps resulting in a HUGE FPS boost!
-Changes the lava visuals in the The Floor Is Lava level
-The main gameplay UI now shows the currently equipped weapon
-Adjusted the leaderboards menu
-The timer no longer resets after completing a level
-Enemies with guns no longer snap to the player but rotate smoothly
-Reduced the rocket's lethal range to 10m (was 15m)
-The Mech can no longer be stunned


-Fixed a bug where the player couldn't restart when playing a level with a score on all hoops objective
-Fixed a bug that caused the player not to be able to grapple on some areas in the dungeons level
-Fixed a few collision bugs in the Temple map
-Fixed a bug where sometimes a player's icon did not show up on the leaderboards
-Fixed a few mesh related bugs that cased performance to drop